“Shayari” is a corruption of “shairi,” which is Urdu for “poetry.” Shairi are poems consisting of at least one couplet or “Sher.” Several couplets grouped together constitute a “Ghazal,” which is the most popular of Urdu poetry formats shayari on eyes.

While several couplets comprise a Ghazal, they individually express a thought or idea independent of the other couplets of the section. The ashaar (couplets) may therefore differ in tone and meaning from each other. In Urdu poetry, compositions have names based on their content. Thus a poem with a humorous subject is called a Hazal, while a Madah is one written in order to praise patrons and kings. Punjabi and Hindi literature also make use of the Ghazal poetry format.

It is a beautiful musical Urdu poetry which allows a person to express the deepest feelings through words.
It lets you explain your feelings and sentiments with the help of rhythmic words. Well no one can tell from where it came or its origin but it has ability to touch the hearts and most impressive way to express your feelings with your desirous words.

Shayari speaks a lot in few words . Well written and narrated Shayari gives power to a lover to pour his/her love in front of her/his lover. All over globe, millions of people have used this form of poetry to reach out to their loved ones. The best shayari loved by all over the globe is romantic shayari . It is a loveable and heart touching langauge which also helps in healing the pain of broken hearts and makes feel better in sadness. It can change the mood of people, can bring back people from dark of sadness. It creates a strong mutual bond in hearts of lovers and connect them into intimacy and interdependence.

Shayari basically comprises of Sher. Its plural is called Ashaar. By combining multiple ashaar, a ghazal is formed. Each of these ashaar ideally conveys a complete thought, independent of other Shayari or verses in the same ghazal. Therefore, different ashaar belonging to the same ghazal can have different meanings and tones. Each couplet embodies a single thought, subject or thing.

A listener can enjoy the pleasures of Shayari as it requires an emotional heart to understand. In short – it is the essence of shayari that has continued to offer joy and amusement to the realms of the past till the gatherings of today.

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